Changing Demands on Office Buildings
Smarter, Leaner, Faster

We have designed a smart, low carbon building which can be assembled and adjusted in a systemised fashion. It can adapt itself to suit short and medium term needs such as adding new voids, vertical connections and services enhancements. It is designed with the future in mind – To grow taller, wider and satisfy the needs of other demanding uses such as residential or healthcare.

In short, it is a building which can change quickly with relative ease. The look and feel is fresh and forward thinking with exposed timber soffits and a warehouse inspired steel frame. The rational square grid combined with plug and play services systems creates opportunity for a plethora of tenancy splits from small to very large.

The technology here is tried and tested. The integrated thinking is new.

The workplace is changing. So must the way we think, Design + Construct

Challenge, Innovate, Improve

Since its creation Arup Associates has been at the technical vanguard of challenging the status quo, setting new standards and successfully delivering the unlikely. Our Architects, Engineers and other Specialists are charged to constantly innovate, improve and seek new solutions where they offer a better way. Sometimes this leads us to invest our own resources in exploring the interesting and esoteric which often result in the ‘Eureka’ moment in our projects. This we think, is one of them.

Review of Today’s Office Trends

Occupiers are becoming increasingly tech savvy and there are a number of emerging trends which will put some traditional office products in decline. The workplace is becoming younger, more millennial focussed and agile working is commonplace. Global digitisation has provided infinite opportunity for start-ups as well as mature business. Collaboration and the cross fertilisation of ideas is more important than ever. Buildings need to catch up, and the way we approach design and construction must change. Arup Associates is investing in the design of adaptable buildings, where whole-life flex and change is the new norm.

The Adaptable Building

Our adaptable building is a blueprint which can be applied to multiple typologies in multiple settings. The independent Structural Skeleton enables the building’s cores to grow over time. Components are modular and designed to fit within an optimised sub grid. Lightweight floor cassettes are integrated into the structural frame which optimises vertical setting out to be highly space efficient.

The building is a catalyst for businesses and people to flourish. It has the ability to integrate and change healthy and dynamic amenity spaces, whilst maintaining optimum flexibility for co-working or subdivision. Our holistic approach to this multi-disciplinary piece of work ensures that the building will be as current in the future as it is today.