Join the RIBA and Arup Asociates for an exclusive opportunity to hear more about this RIBA West Midlands winning building from the architect & practice who designed it.

As part of the RIBA's Great British Building series of events showcasing 2017's Award winners all across the UK, Jaguar Land Rover will host a talk and tour by Arup Associates.

How do you make an industrial building which is 'big and functional' also 'big and beautiful'? Surely by remembering that architecture and good design apply not only to great public buildings or bespoke houses but also certainly that there is room for quality design in the ‘prosaic’ too. The design for the new Jaguar Land Rover manufacturing facilities proves just that.

The factory building is huge - acres and acres of the light metal-clad solid façade. The design team has paid careful attention to the proportion, reveals and junction details of the façade modules. Repeated many times over, this simple and well expressed element of the design has generated a powerful architectural impression. Modules are based on the structural grid and each contains a north rooflight, which when put together creates a modern version of the familiar factory skyline. A continuous strip of glass along the ground floor allows this new age industrial ship stay afloat especially when approaching the site from a distance and allows views into the production lines from outside.

The tour will begin in the light-filled double height Reception. We will then proceed to the Board Room where a presentation will be provided in relation to the design, sustainability and health and safety. The tour will continue along the naturally ventilated atrium and then into the Machine Hall. The Machine Hall is where components for the engines are manufactured. The space is generous, crisp and filled with daylight. We will then proceed into the Assembly Hall. Glazed screens offer views out into nearby woods on one side and back into the robotic Assembly Hall on the other. The tour will then return to the Board Room where we began.

Requirements: No photographs allowed.  Come with safety shoes. High vis will be provided.

 TICKETS: Available from Eventbrite