As a practice that has always promoted people-centred design and social sustainability within our core values, Arup Associates are proactively developing an innovative new design and consultancy service centred around human health and wellbeing.

While the green building movement has worked hard to highlight the importance of the end user in terms of improvements in indoor air quality, personal control, daylight, and the reduction of harmful VOC’s in the indoor environment, we understand that organisations are now facing the challenge of how to do more for their people. Mandated by changing demographics, tough economic climates, health imperatives, and technological advancements, the built environment is under increasing pressure to support and facilitate individuals, organisations and communities to thrive.

In partnership with Delos and the International Well Building Institute, we are proud to be the first vehicle to support WELL Building Certification outside the US, which offers a structured framework against which to optimise design and construction for human health.

Ann Marie Aguilar has become the first international WELL Accredited Professional (AP), able to support and facilitate certification of projects against the new WELL Building Standard®.Currently in pilot, the standard provides a structured framework against which projects can optimise their impacts on human health, with performance requirements are defined across seven categories: air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort, and mind. The system can be applied to commercial, institutional, and residential developments including new construction, core and shell, and tenant improvements.